Инструкция ьега джет 550

инструкция ьега джет 550
Below is a copy of the complete HARDI parts catalog and also parts catalogs for each model sprayer. The unit comes with the shallow well jet ejector installed on the pump for applications with depths to water 25 ft. and below. Whole blood platelets also do not require any additional donor recruitment, as they can be made from blood donations that are also used for packed red blood cells and plasma components. The EHJ control is available on all UltraJet models but used mostly on the 251, 305, 305HT, and 340. Electrohydraulic Proportional (EHK) Control The economical Electrohydraulic Proportional control operates the reversing deflector proportional to helm lever movement. Platelets are the clotting factor of the blood, and when donated, frequently go to cancer patients, because due to chemotherapy many cancer patients are unable to generate enough platelets of their own. The unit is supplied with a one year warranty.

The risk of these conditions happening can be reduced or prevented by pre-donation education of the donors and change of apheresis machine configuration.[3] Vein scarring[edit] Repeated platelet donations at short intervals will cause the venipuncture site to scar. Use the search field below to find your instruction books. Hydromechanical (HM) Control The Hydromechanical control provides proportional operation of the reversing deflector when actuated by a push/pull cable from the helm. Sneak peek at what’s new! CLOSE Experience Sea Ray in Motion CLOSE Find answers right at your fingertips. Expected platelet increase after transfusion[edit] Platelet count increase as well as platelet survival after transfusion is related to the dose of platelets infused and to the patient’s body surface area (BSA). Usually these values are less than what would be expected.

Surgical bleeding due solely to thrombocytopenia occurs when platelets < 50,000/µL while spontaneous bleeding occurs when platelets < 10,000/µL. Thrombocytopenic patients can develop "dry" bleeding, that is, petechiae and ecchymoses only. They will not suffer fatal hemorrhagic events unless they first have extensive mucosal bleeding, or "wet" bleeding. Most newer apheresis machines can separate a maximum donation of platelets in about 60 to 120 minutes depending on the donor's health condition. Multiparous women may be excluded from becoming donors due to heightened TRALI risk. Altered platelet functions[edit] Disorders of platelet function can be congenital or acquired.

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