Tomahawk 433 92 mhz frequency инструкция

tomahawk 433 92 mhz frequency инструкция
Remote will beep 1x and an icon will appear on display. Siren beeps 3 times and lights will flash three times. Auto mode will drain your remote battery much faster. Procedures of changing PIN code from the factory default code 11 to owner s own code 1. System is disarmed. 2. Maintain the conditions of trunk opened and door opened. 3. Turn the ignition key on/off 3 times. While the engine running in Turbo mode, display will show a flashing icon and the remaining time of engine running.

Temperature set-up Change button I The icon flashes. During the remote start the hazard lights will be flashing. 89 If while remote start is on, you will disarm and open the door, the engine will run for 20 more seconds. If during those 20 sec. you don t turn the ignition on, engine will be shut. Disarming — (alarm is on, the car is locked) Press button I shortly. The shock sensor consists of two zones which can be adjusted according to your needs. Note If the reservation mode has not been set, or has been cancelled and you try to remote start, it will not work. ПРИ ПОКУПКЕ У НАС БРЕЛКА К СИГНАЛИЗАЦИИ — ПРОГРАММИРОВАНИЕ ВСЕГО 200р! У нас Вы можете приобрести брелки к авто сигнализациям SCHER-KHAN шерхан, STARLINE старлайн, TOMAHAWK томагавк и другие Продажа, подбор, ремонт брелков автосигнализаций в Екатеринбурге:ул.

Turbo mode is designed for vehicles with turbo chargers. Sensors are off but alarm is still protecting the car (door, hood and trunk inputs are not switched off) Buttons (I + IV) Drive lock This option enables you to lock the doors after a start up of the vehicle and pressing the foot brake. Сигналка Томогавк 9010, почему-то на брелке пропадает индикатор завода по температуре. отследить не могу то ли сам, то ли после завода с ключа, то ли после первого прогрева. приходиться постоянно делать опрос состояния, следить за индикатором завода по температуре и ставить снова, если исчез. Помогите разобраться с поведением сигнализации tomahawk x5. После снятия аккамулятора, сигнализация становилась в режим vallet, отлючался режим с брелка.

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