Инструкция к роботу robonova-1

инструкция к роботу robonova-1
Flexible Applications for All Users in the kit RoboScript & RoboRemoconBeginners to robot programming technology will be pleased to use the supplied RoboScript programming software. Robonova 1 es un robot adecuado para principiantes que se disfruta desde el principio y que no necesita conocimientos especiales de programación o informática. One definite plus is the decrease in weight fromLiPos vrs. the stock NiMH pack. Also, I’m working on where to put them inside the shell — not much room! The grippers give the robot an extra 2 DOF. When the they are not open, they resemble in shape the original hands of the RN1 which means they do not impair standard movements and any pre-grippers motions will still work.

RoboBasicRoboBasic is a programming tool based on the BASIC programming language and is provided for the more advanced users. Programming is simple with the supplied RoboScript and RoboBasic software via the included PC interface cable. Потом код заливается в память робота и он готов выполнять ваши команды.Высота робота составляет: 30,7 см.

Presentación Robonova 1 es un nuevo concepto de robot que le permite montar y controlar un robot humanoide como solo se podía hacer hasta ahora en centros avanzados y laboratorios de investigación. The RoboBasic is compiled into pseudocode that is coppied to the EEPROM and read one instruction at a time. Without knowing any programming language at all users can create operational subroutines with the click of a mouse.Use the RoboRemocon software to control your ROBONOVA-1 with the operational data created with RoboScript. Уникальные сервоприводы имеет крепление основного вала серворычага для того, чтобы было легко осуществлять сборку робота.

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